Presentation Day!

Friday is always a busy day at Queen's Gate and today was like no other! We had fabulous presentations from all of our students, some sad farewells and a great museum trip.

The teens were once again out and about exploring the streets of London, spending this afternoon at the London Museum. The students travelled through time in the museum, unraveling London's turbulent past from civil wars to the plague and the Great Fire of London. 

The museum was fantastic in how interactive it was. The students were able to learn hands on what day to day life in London used to be like! 

The teens will be able to use the information they gathered today to add to the fantastic timeline they have been working on in class! 

Keep an eye on the blog to see what the teens get up to in London next week.

After arriving back at school, it was presentation time. Lets take a look at what each class got up to!

You may remember that Sally and her class took a trip to the dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum earlier this week. Using their project work from this, the parents and staff were treated to a fabulous dinosaur performance!

The students in Alex's class also put on a fantastic show for us!

Nicola's class preformed a short play of Ice Age. The students played the characters brilliantly and we even had a slow motion action scene!

Alvin's students gave a great presentation about the possible future lives of animals on Earth! They came up with some interesting ideas.

And finally our teens had created some amazing portraits during the week and played the roles of Kings and Queens excellently! 

A big farewell to all our students leaving today, it has been a pleasure to have you all and we hope to see you again next year!!